High quality auto parts
We only sell high quality auto parts. These parts have been tested for fit, material quality. This allows us to supply you with the best quality parts. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what we can and cannot sell. In 2019, we invested in a state-of-the-art spray booth in which we can provide high-quality spraying. The car parts are finished with 2 layers of base coat and 2 layers of clear coat (shiny coat). After the parts have dried, they are checked for any dust spots or irregularities. After approval, the parts are carefully packed and then stored neatly in our warehouse until the part is sold.

Why so cheap?
Because we spray several car parts at the same time, we can reduce the price very much. If you work in bulk, you can work cheaper and ultimately also sell for a better price. And because you are only doing the same thing, you can work more economically, perform better quality controls, and ultimately deliver a high-quality product to the end user.